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DCMerlin's (new) Guide to OKCupid 
2nd-Jan-2010 04:49 am
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The NEW DCMerlin's Guide to OKCupid

--- Don't Panic! ---
Useful tips for the novice or the advanced user

[Originally posted Feb. 16, 2008 on OKC]

BUG REPORTS: If you find any defects in the links or anything else here which does not appear to work, please email me using Live Journal messaging system, leave a comment here, or email me at OKC.

CAUTION: Opening any of the chapters NOT marked with an "N" will take you back to chapters posted in my journal on OKC. Once there you MUST use the BACK button to get back here. If you use the links they contain to go to the index, you will be taken to the index there, not the index here.

To link people to this guide easily
To link those who have not yet joined OKCupid to the orientation chapter

As in the fictional book (within a real book) The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy,
DCMerlin's Guide to OKCupid is less of a "guide" and more of a REFERENCE MANUAL.
This guide was *never* intended to be read sequentially from its first to its last
chapter, any more than a dictionary is meant to be read from cover to cover. Anyone
complaining this guide is "Too Long" will be forced to sit and listen to VOGON poetry.

(These chapters are periodically updated and occasionally replaced entirely)

ATTENTION NEW USERS: I've created a custom prioritized list of chapters especially aimed at the as-yet-not-joined user. Unless you are a seasoned user or have come here seeking a solution to a specific problem, please CLICK HERE to see the prioritized list.

This is the story of How the guide came to be

Chapter Index

* - ***** = Importance, N = Newly updated, NEW = NEW!

Chapter _0NEW(*****)3/10What OKCupid Is and how to best use it.
Chapter _1N(*****)12/10Match (M/F/E) Score Accuracy Read before answering (any more) questions!
Chapter _2N(-****)3/11Build a better profile (& prevent accidental deletion!)
Chapter _3N(--***)3/10Increase Responses from other users
Chapter _4(*****)Interpreting M/F/E (match) Scores
Chapter _5N(--***)1/11Interpreting Profiles accurately
Chapter _6(-****)Profile Photos -How to pick one & How to post *anything*
Chapter _7N(--***)4/11HTML Tweaking Your Profile -Free Bling!
Chapter _8N(*****)1/11Safely Meeting People, & persuading them to meet you!
Chapter _9N(---**)3/11Harassment; nasty emails, etc.
Chapter 10N(-****)3/11Reporting abuse; Effective use of Flagging
Chapter 11(--***)12/08Select worthwhile tests to take
Chapter 12N(-****)3/17IM System Bugs Overcoming them!
Chapter 13NEW(*****)7/11Forums; Benefit from them & don't get burned
Chapter 14N(---**)3/10Pet Peeves
Chapter 15N(-****)3/11Notes & Ratings/Star Votes & QuickMatch
Chapter 16(----*)WikiEdit -how helping others will help you
Chapter 17N(--***)2/09Journaling -how beneficial this feature is
Chapter 18(-****)Improve the Match Questions
Chapter 19N(-****)3/11Top 10 reasons OKCupid is tops among online dating sites
Chapter 20N-!(*****)2/11Promoting OKCupid helps you!
Chapter 21N(*****)1/10Testimonials; Allow your friends to recommend you!
Chapter 22N(--***)2/09Polyamorists Guide to OKCupid
Chapter 23N(-****)3/09***Non-DCMerlin*** Subject-Specific guides
Chapter 24N(*****)3/11Maximizing the OKC Email System
Chapter 25N(-****)3/11REDUCE undesired attention
Chapter 26N(*****)3/10Searching Is Fundamental
Chapter 27N(---**)2/09Interpreting Photographs Effectively
Chapter 28N(--***)2/09User Psychology; Users who are not what they seem
Chapter 29(----*)2/09Improving Your Connection FOR FREE!
Chapter 30NEW(--***)7/11Policing OKCupid: What you can do! (aka "Report Moderation")
Chapter 31NEW(-****)2/11A-List Membership Who needs it? (I do!)
Chapter 32NEW(-****)3/11The Quiver -REALLY, it's not as dumb as you think!
Chapter 33NEW(---**)3/11Change Your User Name (without joining A-List)
Chapter 34NEW(--***)4/11Be as attractive as you can be (without breaking the bank)
Chapter 35NEW(----*)5/11Linking Your Kink Using FetLife!
Chapter #N(--***)NameUnbold Description
Chapter #N(--***)NameUnbold Description

Praise The Guide:
There are two equally valid ways to post public feedback regarding my guide. The traditional way is to post a comment to the OKCupid journal post linked immediately above.

Post a comment on OKC (which is easier for you if you don't have an LJ account)
. or
Post a comment on LJ (which is currently my preference) Why join LJ?
. or
For tips for how to post a pointer or link in your profile, journal, blog, etc, please see this link.

Upcoming Chapters:
**The Two Of Us (aka TTOU), (an explanation and advanced tips for understanding this important feature)
**Why Icebreakers are really a FANTASTIC idea even if they seem stupid

I am leaving commenting on in case you would like to submit ideas for new chapters.
23rd-May-2012 11:19 am (UTC)
Is it not possible to put navigation buttons at the bottom of each page?
Now, one reads a chapter, then must perform 2 navigation actions - scroll-to-top then next, or back to index then next.
It would be nice if after reading a chapter, and being positioned at the bottom, there was a 'right-green-arrow'.
-Anyhow, -Thanks for the guide
23rd-May-2012 03:14 pm (UTC)
First, I want to thank you for writing. It is the praise of users like yourself which inspires me to continue to maintain my guide.

I have made an effort to place a navigation button at both the top and bottom of each up-to-date chapter. It is possible that if you are using an iPhone, or other android type device, that the navigation buttons (links) are not visible to you.

As you may have noticed, the guide is not even completely moved over yet as of this reply. Chapters which have not yet been moved have inaccurate return links, but I've edited the original index page to redirect users back to the new guide index. Chapters still on OKCupid are very difficult to edit and many newer users cannot open them at all.

Judging from your email, I must assume you are referring only to the 6 chapters which have not yet been moved. There are a total of 36 chapters (counting chapter zero) and my index warns of the problems with the unmoved chapters.

In addition, many of the moved chapters are already in need of update. However, I expect to get back to this. My writing is the most prolific when the DC are weather is either too HOT or too COLD to do anything outdoors. The unusually warm winter and my remission from Lyme Disease are the two main reasons I've fallen behind on the necessary updates to my guide.
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